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Training Committee

Offers the following courses:


This workshop offers comprehensive information regardingthe physical properties of tobacco, as well as the social and behavioral aspects of tobacco use.  The primary goal of the session is to help the tobacco advocate gain a solid understanding of the issues and challenges facing the individual tobacco user, as well as the broad societal impact of tobacco use.  Emphasis is placed on the goals and rationale for efforts aimed at the prevention of tobacco use.

See Calendar               Last offered:  March 11, 1999


LEARN: * HOW TO BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION! * the truth about tobacco and the tobacco industry * how the addiction process works * whom the tobacco industry is targeting in ads and promotions * how tobacco use affects Rhode Islanders financially and personally * the latest news at the national level (including the tobacco settlement) * how you can increase awareness * how to gain community support * how to create, change, and support tobacco control policies

See Calendar               Next scheduled class: June, 1999


"The strategic use of media is a powerful and high-leverage tool. The primary goal of this session is to help the tobacco advocate gain an understanding of how to do media advoacy to enhance policy advocacy. Media advocacy empowers communities to conduct their own media and public relations."

See Calendar.  Next scheduled class:  Thursday, May 6, 1999


Much of the difficulty in working with diverse groups comes from our own misunderstandings and perceptions of these groups. This training was designed to address working with all culturally diverse groups, such as people of color, those who have a different sexual orientation, or elders working with youth.  During the workshop we will: * Identify issues that prevent us from addressing common goals  * Provide challenges for ourselves personally and organizationally  * Develop skills necessary to engage and involve culturally diverse groups  * Learn to develop communication linkages among people and groups.

See Calendar.   Last offered: Thursday, April 15, 1999 in Warwick.


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