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The SmokeFree Times is published by the American Lung Association of Rode Island at irregular intervals.  It is funded by a grant from Project ASSIST through the RI Department of Health.  To submit stories about local activities in tobacco control call the Lung Association at (401) 421-6487 or FAX: (401) 331-5266.  Or e-mail to

May 1999 issue articles:        

"Youth Taking A Stand" [Click here to read]

"Diamond Skills - RI Scores Big"  [Click here to read]

"Tobacco Use Prevention to Family Health Evolution of Community Involvement and Service -- An Interview with Marco S. Andrade"  [Click here to read]

Fall 1996 issue articles:

Local Communities Take Action Against Tobacco:

      "The MOB Rules at Chariho High School"  [Click here to read]

      "Smoking and Kids Don't Mix in North Kingstown"  [Click here to read]

      "Speaking Out, Not Lighting Up" at LaSalle Academy   [Click here to read]

"Lung Association Receives ASSIST Contract for Tobacco Control Network" [Click here to read]

"Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco Makes Headlines in 1996"  [Click here to read]

"Rhode Island Well-Represented at National Tobacco Control Conference"  [Clickhere to read]

"Tobacco Control Network Needs You!"    [Click here to read]

"Tobacco Free Pharmacy Campaign Grows"   [Click here to read]

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