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FACTS about tobacco and tobacco control     [most recent update: Feb. 1, 2000]

RI Statistics :

              Municipal Smoking Prevalence Rates  (link to RI Dept. of Health/ Tobacco Control Program site - chart)

               "Tobacco Use in Rhode Island"   (CDC statistics - 1996/97)           

National Statistics:

Smoking; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); Lung Cancer  (a variety of documents and graphs in .PDF format - there's a link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't have it).  (link to American Lung Assn. website  http://www.lungusa.org/data/index2.html)

Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults Age 18 and Older-United States, 1999  (link to CDC website) http://www2.cdc.gov/nccdphp/osh/state/rpt_epi_display.asp?rpt_id=E1

Secondhand smoke and children:

        Press release on National Cancer Institute Monograph on ETS  (Nov. 22, 1999) With link to how to get full 430-page report.

        "International Consultation on Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and Child Health" Table of Contents, Executive Summary, and Introduction, plus link to full report   (WHO report - 1/99)

           "Secondhand Smoke and Children"  (ALA factsheet - 4/99)           

             "Secondhand Smoke--A Danger to Children" (1/98 Project ASSIST)

            "Secondhand smoke at home makes children sick"  (Dr. Joseph DiFranza)

            Protection checklist      

            "Secondhand Smoke: What You Can Do About Secondhand Smoke as Parents, Decisionmakers, and Building Occupants"  (link to US Environmental Protection Agency website - brochure in English or in Spanish)

Smoking - General

            "Cigars"   (ALA factsheet - 8/98) 

            Image comparison of Healthy Lung to Lung with Emphysema (link to image on ALA website)

            Surgeon General takes on Cigars  (Read Boston Globe article "Putting Out That Cigar" - 6/11/99)

           "Smoking"     (ALA factsheet - 9/98)

            "Smoking Among Older Adults"   (ALA factsheet - 9/98)

                "Smoking and Pregnancy"   (ALA factsheet - 8/98)

            "Women and Smoking"  (ALA factsheet - 8/98)

Smoking Cessation: 

             IRS allows some medical deductions for quit smoking programs/medications (Read Boston Globe article - 6/11/99)

             "Nicotine Replacement Therapy"   (ALA factsheet - 9/98)

             Quitting tips --   "Quitting Smoking"  (ALA factsheet - 1998) 

                                --   (link to Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health's QUITNET website)

                                --  (link to National Cancer Institute's Publications page -- some are in Spanish)

            "What happens to your body when you quit smoking" 

Smoking in Public Places and the Workplace: 

            Apartments and Condos  (link to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights website - "Secondhand Smoke in Apartments and Condominiums: A Guide for Owners and Managers")

            "Health Department Lauds Study Showing Smoke-Free Restaurants Good for Tourism" (link to RI DOH website - Press Release - 5/25/99)

            Smoking and Ventilation  (link to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights website -- "Smoking and Ventilation Standards" factsheet)

            "Smoking in the Workplace"

                       Coming soon:    Confidential complaint form to the RI Dept. of Health

            "Tobacco Free Schools"   (ALA factsheet - 8/98)

             RI School Tobacco Policies (by community)  (link to RI Dept. of Health/Project ASSIST site )

Tobacco Advertising/Promotion

"How Big Tobacco Encourages Shoplifting by Kids" (American Lung Assn. of Colorado Shoplifting Project) - click here to link to photostory with captions

"Tobacco Product Advertising and Promotion"   (ALA factsheet - 8/98)

"Shattering the Smoke Screen of Silence" award (ACSH Press Release 3/30/99)  - click here to link to ACSH website   [Also available on that site: "You've Come A Long Way...or Have You?: Popular Magazines Are Still Downplaying the Risks of Smoking"  (March 1999)]

History/Timeline of tobacco promotion on Gene Borio's Tobacco BBS - http://www.tobacco.org

Tobacco Settlement:

       "Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students - Florida 1998 and 1999"  (CDC factsheet - April, 1999)   

       "Oregon-Reducing Cigarette Consumption Through a Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program" (CDC factsheet-February, 1999)

           "Tobacco Settlement Removes Blight on Rhode Island landscape; Tobacco Billboards Replaced with Pro-health Messages"  (link to RI Dept. of Health website - April 15, 1999 press release) 

          "Tobacco Control Programs Prevent Children From Smoking and Help Smokers Quit!" March 1999 Health Policy Brief  (link to RI Dept. of Health website - Health Policy Brief Issue 99-4)

Tobacco Use - United States:

            "Significant Developments Related to Smoking and Health- 1964-1996"  (Chronology developed by CDC - 8/96)  

            "Tobacco Use - U.S. - Overview"   (CDC factsheet - 8/98)

Timeline/history of tobacco use, including market share of different brands at different times - on Gene Borio's Tobacco BBS  http://www.tobacco.org

Tobacco Use - Youth:

            "Bidi Use Among Urban Youth -- Massachusetts, March-April 1999"  (Link to article in Sept. 17, 1999 MMWR , on CDC website-  http://www.cdc.gov/epo/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm4836a2.htm)

             "Coaches -- You Can Influence Youth"  (CDC factsheet)

             "Facts on Sports and Smokefree Youth"  (CDC factsheet)

             "Facts on Youth Smoking, Health, and Performance"  (CDC factsheet - 1994)

            "Health Effects of Smoking Among Young People"  (CDC Factsheet - August 1996)

             Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids  (link to website - RI Dept. of Health & Dept. of Educ.)      

             "Kick Butts Online - TIPS 4 Kids"  (Link to CDC website)

             "Parents—Help Keep Your Kids Tobacco-Free"  (CDC factsheet)

             "Prevent the Addiction - TIPS 4 Teens"  (Link to CDC website)

             "Teenage Girls as the Target of the Tobacco Industry"  (ALA factsheet - 9/98)

            "Teenage Tobacco Use"  (ALA factsheet - 6/98)

             "Tobacco Use Prevention in Pediatric Primary Care Settings" by Alessandra Kazura, MD, Michael Goldstein, MD .Published in: Medicine and Health/Rhode Island, 1998;81(4) 149-150.  (Read the article on the DOH website: http:/www.health.state.ri.us/phb_8104.htm)


Tobacco Use - U.S. Racial/Ethnic Minorities:

           "African Americans and Tobacco"   (ALA factsheet - 9/98)  

           "American Indians and Native Alaskans and Tobacco"   (ALA factsheet - 9/98)

           "Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and Tobacco"   (ALA factsheet - 9/98)

NEW  "Eliminating Population Disparities in disease burden"  (link to RI Dept. of Health Tobacco Control Program website  http://www.health.state.ri.us/disprev/assist/dispar.thm)

           "Hispanics and Tobacco"   (ALA factsheet - 9/98))

            U.S. Surgeon General's Report - April 1998  Summary At-A-Glance  "Tobacco Use Among U.S. Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups"

Tobacco Use - World:

            WHO's "Framework  Convention for Tobacco Control--A Treaty for Public Health--Summary"      (SCARCNET Action Alert - 5/28/99)    

            World Health Organization report (May, 1998)   The Tobacco Epidemic: A Crisis of Startling Dimensions

            World Bank report on "Governments and the Economics of Tobacco Control"  (Click  here to read summary, and for link to full report on WHO website)

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