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List originally prepared by the American Cancer Society (10/12/2001)

(On-line version will be updated as new information becomes available)

To the best of the ACS's & ALARI's knowledge, the restaurants listed in this guide are smoke-free.  "Smoke-free" means there is a no smoking policy in all areas of the restaurant where the public has access, at least indoors. (In outdoor areas of some restaurants listed here smoking may be allowed, or the restuarant may not enforce their no-smoking policy or may have an adjoining bar which allows smoking.) Neither the American Cancer Society nor the American Lung Association of Rhode Island assumes responsibility for public smoking policy changes instituted by the restaurant's present or future management.  This list is published for the sole purpose of recognizing the smoke-free nature of the restaurant and gives no endorsement, implied or otherwise, as to the quality of the food or services provided.

Call ACS at 1-800-ACS-2345 if you know of any corrections which should be made, or establishment which should be included on future updates of this list.


Leave an email message for the Tobacco Control Network with corrections about listed restaurants, or if you know of any establishment that should be included.  New names and changes will be listed here between ACS brochure updates. EMAIL YOUR COMMENT

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Order "restaurant cards" to leave when you pay your bill at a restaurant:

    "Thank You for Being Smokefree.  We'll tell our friends."  (ask for as "Thank You")

    "Please Go Smokefree.  We'd eat here more often."     (ask for as "Please Go")

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